Wurf by JumpSport will be at the prestigious NeoCon 2017 Tradeshow.

Come Wurf with us at The Mart, Chicago at NeoCon 2017!

June 2017 is an exciting month for our company - Wurf board by JumpSport will make its appearance at the 49th edition of NeoCon® this year.  This is the premier, global platform for connecting, learning and conducting business in commercial interiors, and will draw more than 50,000 design professionals from across the globe to The Mart, June 12-14. For almost five decades, NeoCon has served as a launch pad for innovation, offering ideas and introductions that continue to shape the built environment. The industry's definitive gathering place, NeoCon, is where macro-trends such...

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Standing desks for kids has proven to make learning fun and productive.

Support School Children & Encourage Standing Desks for Kids

Standing desks for kids might be coming to a classroom near you. “Class take your seats” is a common phrase school children hear but do we really want them sitting for hours on end? Recent studies have reported how prolonged sitting increases risk for heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. Harvard Health reports that sitting has “harmful effects on sugar and fat metabolism,” which are both directly related to a person’s risk for diabetes and heart disease. With research pointing to the dangers of prolonged sitting, adults are starting to take...

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Stading at work but away from your desk can restore focus.

Get on Your Feet Every day by Standing at Work

Standing at work doesn't have to be limited to your workstation. While many Americans are starting to ditch the traditional office and opt for telecommuting, traditional office and at-home employees spend hours in a relaxed posture far from ergonomic and healthy. Sitting for extended periods of time destroys your body, even if you regularly exercise! Luckily, the situation isn’t hopeless. Get on track by breaking up your day and sitting less than ever before. Standing at work may seem like a logical first step, but there are many ways you can get...

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Staying alert at work is a lot easier with a standing desk.

Tips for Staying Alert at Work Even When You’re Tired

Do you get enough sleep at night? Have you ever "woke up tired?" Staying alert at work can be a challenge when your mind and body are ready to go back to bed.   According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 1 in 3 Americans does not get enough sleep on a regular basis. When you’re constantly tired and groggy, staying awake and maintaining optimal focus at your desk during work can seem downright impossible.   Countless working professionals fall victim to tiredness and exhaustion throughout the day. Even if...

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Taking a power nap at work can increase energy.

When and How to Take a Power Nap at the Office

Falling asleep at work is not only becoming acceptable – it’s being encouraged. Taking power naps during the workday has caught on in the offices of industry leaders like Google and Uber, with elite companies investing in napping pods and sleeping rooms. But as many people that work from home or simply remain groggy throughout the day can attest, sometimes napping lands you in a permanent state of half-sleep that permeates the rest of your day. When you're really busy at work, its hard to think of how to take a...

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Healthy snacks is one way to eat healthy at work.

Eating Healthy at Work even with a Packed Schedule

Working professionals are constantly juggling multiple projects, commitments, and deadlines at once. Multitasking becomes the name of the game, whether that entails conference calls during dinner or filling out spreadsheets in bed. Many successful walkers of the packed-schedule tight rope allow health to fall by wayside when pressed for time. Eating healthy at work and maintaining optimum nutrition seems like a luxury when you’re balancing so many obligations. However, there are surefire methods to staying healthy and eating proper foods during your hectic day. Follow these tips for a healthier you. Stay Hydrated The...

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Set up your office to optimize desk feng shui.

Finding Peace at Work: A Guide to Desk Feng Shui

Thousands of years of Chinese tradition testify to the effectiveness of feng shui – arranging objects in a certain way to achieve balance and attract positive energy. Even if you don't practice this for the more mystical interpretation, there is still an opportunity for finding peace and harmony by adding a little desk feng shui. Creating desk feng shui in your work space is a pleasing way to help boost your productivity.   Everyday office décor, comfort, and lighting can leave a little bit to be desired, taking control of the organization of your...

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Workout at work in a group to get healthy together.

Workout at Work With Changes to Your Daily Routine

Skip the elevator, take the farthest parking spot, or stand-up frequently for an easy workout at work. Being active in one burst doesn’t help your overall health as much as you might think. Even if you go to the gym two or three times every week, prolonged sitting will still wreak havoc on your body. Your heart health is important – that’s why it’s a top priority to stay active and engaged throughout the day, in whatever ways you can.   Even if you’re stuck at an office job there are plenty of...

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DIY Standing Desk users are some of history's greatest writers.

Famous Creative Thinkers Who Used DIY Standing Desks

Some of history's greatest works were penned at an early DIY standing desk! There has been a big boost in the demand for standing desks since the health community has outlined the several health issues associated with sitting down all day. But standing desks are not a new invention; rather, the adoption of a standing desk is a long-lost staple of creative minds that is just now experiencing a resurgence. Throughout history countless creative minds have utilized a form of “DIY” standing desks while drafting legislation or sketching inventions or writing novels....

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Convincing your boss you need a standing desk is easier nowadays.

Convincing Your Boss to Let You Use a Standing Desk

Ready to start using a standing desk? Now you just need to convince the boss! For workers who telecommute or work in a secluded singular office, switching to using a standing desk just requires the drive to do so and a few minutes of assembly. But for workers who do their job in a cubicle bullpen, convincing the manager or boss to let them switch to a standing desk can be considerably more challenging. After all, a standing desk amongst a sea of smaller cubicles will certainly draw attention. How can you...

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