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A Standing desk will improve health and productivity.

The Dangers of Sitting at a Desk

While we don't like to focus on bad health, you should understand the dangers of sitting the majority of the workday. In a job market where 45% of workers work from home at least part-time and most new jobs are digital, it’s no surprise that...

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Setting up your home office with the right accessories.

Must-Own Accessories for the Home Office

The rise of digital commerce and E-business have given rise to a huge shift in the American workforce – 45% of Americans telecommute, meaning about 53 million people in the country work from home at least part-time. The traditional 9-to-5, commuter-based workday is giving rise...

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Exercise While You Work

Deskercises: Exercise While You Work

Your body needs exercise while you work- don't just stand there! If you use a standing desk mat or just want to burn more calories, check out these helpful deskercises!   Copy and paste this code to share this on your site! <img src="http://blog.wurf.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Deskercises-Infographic_16a.png" alt="Deskercises: Exercise While You...

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The ultimate dorm accessory this year is the Wurf Board;

a highly supportive and responsive, air-spring standing platform that is easily portable and will make standing while learning way more comfortable. Studies show standing while learning instead of sitting in a sedentary position, increases cognitive performance and productivity.  The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public...

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Standing desk accessories – Wurf Board

Top 5 Standing Desk Accessories You Need

Standing desk accessories are the newest office sensation. Whether you are thinking about getting a standing desk or maybe you already own one --- the health benefits of standing desks are undeniable. Not only can a standing desk improve your overall health, but it’s great...

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